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The Sims 4 is garbage. Don’t buy it.

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Bikini Ready Lifestyle.

I received this product free, courtesy of Influenster.

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I pick these up all the time, so I’m glad Influenster included one in my Vitality Voxbox!


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Here’s what’s inside the 2014 Vitality Voxbox from Influenster!

*I received these products courtesy of Influenster for testing purposes.*

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Influenster Go VoxBox


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*I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

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We finally got some snow in Norfolk! The pup is loving it.

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My husband is underway until Friday, I’m about to go insane in this apartment by myself for the next three days. 

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Late bridal shower was a success!

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Spending this past week in Norfolk was so much more amazing than I thought it was going to be. Ben had duty all day Monday and today, but the three days we spent exploring and everything was perfect. I got my military ID and was able to see his base. I feel a million times better about moving down here after my externship!

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First lunch menu that I created and served to the public. It turned out 100000x better than I ever thought it would!

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I found super affordable bridesmaids dresses that everyone loves today, and I found out the venue I had my eye on for the reception doesn’t have anything booked for the date I was hoping for. 

Maybe planning this wedding won’t be a nightmare after all?

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